Capet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Deodorization in Austin Tx. OUR PRICE* $ 22.00 Per Office (With carpet cleaning purchase)  Book Free Appointment Description Deodorize your carpet with Jericho Our Carpet Cleaning professionals can add deodorization to any carpet we clean. Similar Carpet Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning per Office  $39 Carpet Protection $35 What is included: Pro labor to …

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Carpet Stain Removal

Clean Carpeted Stairs OUR PRICE* $ 4.00 Per Stair (With carpet cleaning purchase)  Book Free Appointment Commercial Carpeted Stairs Description Clean your stairway carpets and make them look like new. Similar Services Carpet Cleaning per Room $39 Carpet Deodorization $22 *Final pricing may vary based on pro’s onsite estimate, which you can accept or decline. …

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Commercial Carpet Protection Like Scotchgard Carpet Protection In Austin Tx. OUR PRICE* $ 35 Per Office(With carpet cleaning purchase)  Book Free Appointment  Carpet Cleaning Description Hire our Jericho pros to give your most trafficked carpets some extra protection. Our Pros can apply Scotchgard protection to improve resistance to dirt & spills Similar Services Carpet Cleaning …

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