Flat Hourly Cleaning Rate
Flat Hourly Cleaning Rate

Premium Flat Hourly Cleaning Rate

We provide one-off and regular services. If you are a regular customer We will give you several amazing discounts to reward our customers for their loyalty.

If you’re planning to book regular cleaning services, we’ll assign a cleaner or housekeeper at your request. They will offer the same service of cleaning. It’s simple, just get regular, great cleaning done by someone you’re confident in.

Flat Rate

Fixed-price service that will cover all the basic cleaning requirements in your home. We’ll adhere to our extensive checklist and then only finish the task when we’ve finished the entire task.

A variety of one-time additional services are available. If your home is bigger by 2300 square feet or contains more than four bedrooms, hourly charges are available.

Hourly Rate

A service that is based on time, in which we work according to time. It is possible to adhere to the priority list or let us decide on our own. The maximum time allowed is 3 hours of professional work. It is common for us to prioritize details over speeding.

Ideal Then:

There are certain areas you’d like to be cleaned up for perhaps an hour or so, or for cleaning up afterward.

What’s Included:

This is the perfect service to get your home clean. Prices differ based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you have in your house and we’ll do the general cleaning according to the following checklists.

Some other costs and services are listed under the table of services that are included in our total home cleaning services. Choose a “Deep Cleaning” if your home hasn’t had a thorough cleaning for more than a month.

What’s the process?

Our hourly rate is based on time, so there’s no predetermined listing of what’s included or what’s not included. Our staff members will do their best to complete the task as that they can within the timeframe that you’ve booked. We can be flexible in our schedules.

Hourly rates are perfect when you require certain areas of your home to be cleaned. Take note that our cleaners will always maintain cleanliness to a higher standard than speeding up and trying to accomplish too much in a small amount of time.

Fair Go Policy

Our flat-rate pricing is dependent on the results of our cleans and doesn’t rely on time limits, unlike our hourly rates. We’ll finish the list of jobs that match the services you’ve selected and any additional services you’ve chosen until the items are cleaned according to our (very very high!) standards.

Since these cleanings are not based on results, not based on results We don’t have dates for our cleaning services. However, we provide estimates to our teams of cleaners to help plan the timing for the service. 

They aren’t guidelines and we allow cleaning teams the freedom to work at a higher (and faster) level if they are able.

We follow a Fair Go policy that states that in the unlikely case that our estimates aren’t correct, the cleaning process will take approximately 25% longer than the estimated time. 

If the property requires more time and effort than this there could be additional costs. We will always communicate with you before making any changes to the service you receive, and we will ensure that any additional charges are verified before taking any action.

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